The bullet journal is an analogical tool in the digital age, to organize its daily life.It was created by a digital producter designer, Ryder Carroll. It easily replaces all brothels: post-it s, matchboxes and notebooks. It allows me personally to sort through my head. And, as, it is a flexible system but with rigor, it helps me avoid procrastination. After a month of use, I give you a first tip, keep it simple. Avoid the temptation to put too many decorations, the goal is not to find a new leisure. I almost lost the goal of the tool which is to make my life easy. At first, largely influenced by what I found as an example on Instagram or Pinterest, I complicated it.

I do not share the basic recipe for the Bullet Journal, here. I will put the links to instructions, the ones I think most useful for starting a Bullet Journal.

Finally, the idea is “Simple is beautiful”: a notebook and a pen or felt is enough to organize. In general, in planning my daily life, he replaced the software “Things” and completes the Apple calendar “iCal” of my cell phone, like a planning diary.


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