Original work in watercolor 9 × 12 ”

Here is my little Valentine ready for the feast of love. Greeting cards already available on my Rebubble account and well, a more personal version on my Etsy shop.Read more

3 months ago

Fantasy in watercolor

Fantasy in watercolor was painted to test watercolor on a canvas mounted on a cardboard intended for watercolor. And, like, I like the result, I allowed myself to expose it during a collective at Usine 106u, during the month of January 2018.

Medium: Watercolor
Support: 100% Cotton Artist Canvas Specially formulated gesso for all water based paints
Rigid Hardboard core acid free

3 months ago

Christmas fairy

A little at the last minute for the Christmas card, here is my little watercolor fairy!Read more

4 months ago

Fairytale alphabet

A book-dique project that will include an illustration and a musical composition to the Fantasy harp by letter of the alphabet.Read more

4 months ago

Zrerg Greenfoot

Brian Froud is one of the illustrators who inspires me the most. When, I saw that Jim Henson’s studios, gave me the chance to imagine a character for the next series following the movie “The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance,” I jumped on the opportunity to participate.Read more

5 months ago