I want to share with you the tools that have enabled me to move from “expert” to “novice” “procrastineuse”. Although I still have to postpone some actions, I do it with less guilt, so my whole work week is more sustained and I arrive at the weekend with a lot of tasks done.

I threw out discouragement at the same time as the time consuming.

The “bullet-journal” has become very useful for organizing the mess of ideas I have in mind. I reorganized my workshop environment to make it more ergonomic. A simple drawer storage for my printing equipment, prints, sketches and everything I need for my shippings ETSY, allows me to have order in my workshop. I also manage the feline staff, with a big cushion that allows the kitties to be comfortably close to me and quiet. Good light, ambient music, paintings on the walls, etc. contribute to well-being.

I do not blame myself anymore. It is normal to take breaks. Stopping for dinner, for example, may seem self-evident, but when we work at home solo, we may be too absorb in our work. So we forget to feed the machine and the head is no longer there while we self-digest. Get out of his workshop. Going into a Coworking space, can avoid asking the opinion of the coffee maker about an ongoing project. To take the air, to move, to dance, to go at the grocer, it becomes more constructive. So, in the end, it’s not wasted time.

To finish, another important agent of procrastination to hunt the negative ideas. I will note in my “bullet-journal” because this will be a topic to be developed in another article because it touches on several aspects of the freelance worker’s life. For now, I’ll go back to my imagination.

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