To create, you must to have an inspiring place. A place where we want to spend long hours working on our projects. I think I succeeded with a corner of my small apartment I call my workshop.

This space must be optimized and ergonomic. As my office is small, I placed the screen in angle to have enough place for my tablet and my keyboard and to have a good position for my arm to prevent a carpal tunnel. And I have a poor eyesight, my screen is slightly inclined to avoid breaking my neck, when I approach to draw the details.


To save space for writing and tinkering, I installed a trestle table, close. It also serves me more solid support than the spindle lectern to work my music scores while keeping the harp between my knees.

Finally, my studio is very small but it is cozy. There are days like today, I don’t want to come out to face the world. I’m fine solo to create my Imaginary.

More info .: There is much information about the ergonomics of a desktop on the internet but I am inspired by the article of this artist to organize my space, because it has well demonstrated the characteristics for a digital painter.
David Revoy.com, Ergonomic of graphics tablets

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