My experience, my watercolor

What I know about watercolor or more precisely what I learned about this medium, I will share it for a first time on my blog and eventually I will show it on my channel Youtube.

Landscape, I love the fade of colors towards white paper.

First, I like watercolor enough to want to realize all my project of the fairy alphabet disc-book, with this medium. Coverage only, will be realized in ArtRage. Then, I find that the watercolor makes a beautiful duet with the harp.

1. The most important: paper.

Watercolor is a medium that needs water. Anglophones call it well by the term “Watercolor”. I like my colors blend well, I need a paper that responds well to water and that comes in block form so I do not have to use a frame to hold flat and avoid the Curling of paper. Ideally, a 100% cotton paper, 300mg / 140 lb. Acid-free and fine-grained (easier to digitize).


2. Then the brushes.

It’s boring to have brushes that lose their hair. It’s good to have more than one brushes to make different textures. Invest in good brushes and learn to properly clean them to keep them long.

Blue: Stering Edwards, is very useful for giving texture. And, my favorites: Neptune of Princeton and ArtPro make good brushes.

3. And finally, the pigments.

Do not be cheap with a watercolor. A good Watercolor whose colors are rich, can make a difference. I do not need many nuances because I can mix them. I would say that two nuances are essential: Sepia and Payne’s Gray. Other useful: Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone Red, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Azo Green, Red Iron Oxide. And I would add for my needs: Indian Yellow, Quinacridone Violet, Sap Green, Terra Rosa, Raw Umber. A total of 13 colors meet all my needs.


In conclusion, there are a few other useful materials such as:

A good pallet large enough for mixing and that closes (cat hair).

Mijello is a fairly large palette that can hold my 13 colors on one side and the other of the spaces for mixtures.

Finally, the drawing gum is used to mask portions of the composition to retain the blank of the paper. The “white” pigment does not exist in watercolor. If in some palettes a bucket or a tube of white is included, it is gouache and not watercolor. Tape mask will be useful for creating tumbnails on a single sheet of paper.


A smaller pallet, a brushcase and tank paint brushes to go outside are useful.

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