Eve Chabot was born in Drummondville in 1970 but has lived in Montreal since 1988. After studying arts, music, and 2D and 3D multimedia and design, she began to explore, in a self-taught fashion with specialized magazines, The possibilities of digital painting tools, such as Photoshop ™ and Painter ™ software, while practicing web design and webmaster jobs.

It was in 2006, influenced by romantic, pre-Raphaelite and Renaissance painters, that she realized and exhibited her first digital works of a figurative and classical style with her favorite theme: “l’Imaginaire”.

Last year, she began training as a harpist, deepening her knowledge and increasing her technical skills. And, to this day, his illustrations, always inspired by his immediate world and his spirituality, are associated with the music of the harp. She also adds an analogous medium: watercolor, to digital painting to create an Imaginary that delight the mortal heart.

Artistic approach

“Create an Imaginary that delights the mortal heart.”

So, in a few words, I could summarize my artistic approach, because that is my goal, when I reveal my creativity using digital painting, watercolour and / or a harp to create a work.

But a little more, I try to translate, in a contemporary style, a sensation of vision “in stereo color” or “in color stereo”, when, I paint or play music. With my digital brushes, my watercolour palettes and the plucked or scraped strings of my harp with levers, I explore the universes of the literature of the Imaginary, mythology, tales, legends, Celtic music and Traditional to find inspiration. I do a lot of pictures and sketches. One detail, I use exclusively the software ArtRage ™ to realize my digital works. An aesthetic and technical choice that does not affect compatibility with industry standards.

As a young girl, I was a dreamer and as an adult, I am contemplative. I draw inspiration from the stories, tales, beliefs and legends of all civilizations and eras, portraying them in a modern light influenced by my generation, immediate surroundings and spirituality, to breathe emotion into my paintings.