Eve Chabot was born in Drummondville in 1970 and has lived in Montreal since 1988. After studying arts, music and 2D and 3D multimedia design, she has self-taught the technique of digital painting. In 2006, influenced by the Romantic, Pre-Raphaelite and Renaissance painters, she directed and exhibited her first works in digital painting, a figurative and classical style with her favorite theme: the Imaginary.

During the year 2016, she started harp lessons online, to develop her technical skills. And, at the same time, she renews and deepens her knowledge with a traditional medium, watercolor. And, to this day, always inspired by her immediate world and her spirituality, she prefers to work with the watercolor and / or the harp to realize figurative Fantasy artworks.

For project inquiries, contact: eve@evechabot.com

Artistic approach

I have long been fascinated by the light and nobility that we find in classical painting. And on the other hand, I am attracted by the sounds of old instruments that we hear in folklore and traditional music.

My projects always start with a lot of research. I sketch with pencils, ink, watercolor and my digital tools. Then I will paint in watercolor and finish some compositions in a digital painting software (ArtRage ™). My illustrations are often associated with music. I will also improvise on the harp to translate what I hear and then compose the melody.

Finally, with the mediums I love: the watercolor and the harp, no matter if the result of my creativity is an illustration, a music or a video, my approach could be summed up in a few words:

“Create an Imaginary that delights the mortal heart.”

I was a dreamy and curious girl who has remained a sensitive and contemplative adult. Through my artistic work, I want to create an emotion by taking a modern look influenced by my time, my immediate universe and my spirituality on rich sources of inspiration: folklore, traditional music, tales, legends, myths and beliefs of human civilizations of all times and all worlds.

Awards and Distinctions

  • 2nd Prize – 2014
    For illustration, the lunar landscape in the contest deviantart ArtRage.
  • Boréal 1st Prize – 2013
    For visual and audiovisual artistic creation.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Create illustrations that delight the hearts of mortals – May 2016
    In Cafe Community Center Recreation Côte-des-Neiges, Montreal, QC, CA

Group Exhibitions

  • Renaissance — January 2018
    Usine 106u, Montreal, Qc, CA
  • Double-Vision 2016, CAPIC — March 2016
    Papermill Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, CA


  • “Grippette, les malheurs d’un pauvre diable”, Illustration book cover – author Daniel Mativat, ed. Pierre Tisseyre – 2014
  • “Le monstre Obedjiwan, illustration vignette and book cover – author Daniel Mativat, ed. Pierre Tisseyre – 2013
  • 2008, Directory of the OIIQ – Illustrations Québec, 2008
  • Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Annual, Volume 23, Number 3 | 118 – Canada’s Visual Communications Magazine 2008

Education and Training

  • Fun MOOC, Artois University  — Fantasy, de l’Angleterre victorienne au Trône de fer – 2017.
  • Harp School — Harp Course Online,  2017.

For more information, you can download my CV in pdf format by clicking here.
Archives, to see works created from 2006 to 2017, click here.