Zrerg Greenfoot

Brian Froud is one of the illustrators who inspires me the most. When, I saw that Jim Henson’s studios, gave me the chance to imagine a character for the next series following the movie “The Dark Crystal, Age of Resistance,” I jumped on the opportunity to participate.

I took note of the contest, via Facebook (the * & $ * # & * filters Facebook Pages), only last week. It’s not nothing. I had to write a short biography of my character, in addition to showing it at least from the front and the side.

Finally, I had the idea in the night of November 20 to 21. I just had the time to submit my concept, on the deadline, November 22 11:59 pm, ET.

Zrerg is a recycler Kobolds. His people have recently arrived on these lands to clean up. They are not very big just a few centimeters. Larger individuals measure 3.5 cm, all or more. They are of “cool” nature, more grano-ecolo, a little hippie moving with a “beetle”.

Be careful, if you leave behind an object, it will be quickly recycled into an artistic object. Because, I forgot to mention that they are very creative and likes to imagine all kinds of sculptures.

Sketch and research


5 months ago

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